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How To Estimate Issues Asynchronously In Remote Teams In Jira

Agile Poker for Jira Cloud is a well-known tool for quick and convenient estimations. It was inspired by three industry-standard estimation methodologies: Planning Poker®, Wideband Delphi and Magic Estimation (also known as Silent Grouping, Affinity Estimation, Swimlanes Sizing or Relative Estimations). The product provides three types of estimation sessions: relative session, standard/interactive session and asynchronous session.

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The Comprehensive Guide for Jira Azure DevOps Integration

Switching from Azure DevOps to Jira Software is a real-life scenario and a challenge as well. There are several business reasons to back up that meaningful decision. The exponential growth of your company and merging it with another enterprise are on the top of the list. But how to conduct a process and don’t get lost in it? How not to jeopardize your sensible project data? Here’s our complete guide to handling your Jira Azure DevOps Integration.

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