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How to Use the New Whiteboards Features and Brainstorm in Jira

Project management is a busy job. As a project manager, you have a lot on your plate. You have multiple projects and tasks to track, timelines to manage, and team members and stakeholders to think about. That’s just the day-to-day. There are also high-level tasks, such as developing processes, monitoring business goals, and problem-solving.

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Project Visualization in Jira: The Tools and Techniques You Need for Success

Jira’s a great tool to help you manage projects. But it’s not without some drawbacks, especially if you want to gain insights over your project’s health, Jira lacks a big picture view. As a project manager, you need a more effective way to monitor the team’s progress, instead of going through each and every issue. While the roadmap feature provides a good overview of your product milestones, it’s only limited to Jira Cloud. For more effective project visualization, you can extend Jira capabilities with tools like custom charts, timelines, and even mind maps.

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TFS4JIRA Now Available for Next-gen Projects

If you have already used Jira next-gen projects in your company, you can now significantly refine your project synchronization, migration, and integration. And if you are a small or medium business player who is still looking to optimize your project management, turn on your improvement radar right now. We are happy to inform you that from now on, TFS4JIRA is available for next-gen projects.

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Introducing Whiteboards For Jira To Enhance Online Collaboration For Your Remote Team.

Have you recently moved to fully remote work due to the pandemic? Well, we are on the same boat then, and just as many teams we too are missing our whiteboard discussions, brainstorms, and creative vibes. We are no longer able to use Agile Cards for Jira, our shared physical boards with stickers, do the drawings, and all in-the-office perks. And since we love to collaborate, as we believe that way we can create value for our customers we were in the hunt for a solution that will support us in daily collaboration. We ended up coming up with the solution and help remote teams to restore their productivity in a remote work environment. Whiteboards for Jira app is an answer to this problem as it adds a virtual whiteboard functionality to Jira Cloud.

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