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Introducing Whiteboards For Jira To Enhance Online Collaboration For Your Remote Team.

Have you recently moved to fully remote work due to the pandemic? Well, we are on the same boat then, and just as many teams we too are missing our whiteboard discussions, brainstorms, and creative vibes. We are no longer able to use Agile Cards for Jira, our shared physical boards with stickers, do the drawings, and all in-the-office perks. And since we love to collaborate, as we believe that way we can create value for our customers we were in the hunt for a solution that will support us in daily collaboration. We ended up coming up with the solution and help remote teams to restore their productivity in a remote work environment. Whiteboards for Jira app is an answer to this problem as it adds a virtual whiteboard functionality to Jira Cloud.

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Effective Backlog Estimations With Your Distributed Team

According to Agile practice, teams should be co-located, working together face to face. In reality, however, many Agile teams are not sharing an office space, not even work in the same time zone. Some teams, due to the unplanned circumstances, are forced to turn into remote teams and adjust the way they work.

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[Free Download] Agile Estimations Checklist For Scrum Teams

Scrum Teams follow certain rules and ceremonies. The same goes for backlog estimations to assure the equal evaluation patterns at all times. Those rules need quick and easy checkpoints to protect the effectiveness and quality of final estimates.

In this article, I would like to share a simple checklist for effective estimations that will support Scrum Masters and Product Owners who estimate together with the Development Teams. Why is this list helpful?

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How to Build Marketing Lab in Jira

Have you ever struggled with organizing and prioritizing marketing ideas coming from different sides? These days, when marketing is more and more about continuous testing and extracting learnings out of those activities, it is useful to have processes and tools that support you with experimenting.

In this article, you will find a representation of a workflow for marketing tests we are adopting in our company, as well as illustrated detailed instructions on how to implement all of this in Jira.

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