Ephor becomes Asset Tracker for Jira and is free

Asset tracking can be tricky and, as it turns out, so is the asset tracker tool development. Our Ephor Asset Manager for Jira, initially launched as a standalone, has built up quite a history in terms of lessons learned. Starting now, we'll be offering the add-on on the Atlassian Marketplace free of charge and under a new name: Asset Tracker for Jira. The new name relieves the add-on from the "Ephor - effort" connotation and aims to improve the product's discoverability by quoting exactly what this tool does.

Why is Asset Tracker for Jira free?

We've decided to remove the price tag from Asset Tracker for Jira to encourage and attract new users. At the moment our most significant priority is learning about the needs of enterprise asset tracker users, so we're very much counting on your feedback.

Why? We've first launched our Jira-integrated asset manager on the Atlassian Marketplace back in April 2014. This almost three years long quest has taught us a few valuable lessons. The most important conclusion we've reached is that for a fully grown enterprise-scale solution we need to enhance our product with a number of critical features. A few of these features we are launching now. Asset Tracker's current, 17th release, will be its last feature-rich, free-of-charge version in the foreseeable future. Any subsequent features will be added only in the new enterprise-ready commercial version once we decide to release it.

Our decision to offer Asset Tracker for free also means that we will no longer provide complimentary support for this product. That said, we're very much open to maintenance and feature requests, also in exchange for feedback. Regardless of where this may lead us, the Asset Tracker will remain available as long as there are any users actively using it.

WMI discovery, Jira user synchronization, improved label printing

The new release of Asset Tracker for Jira comes with a powerful network scanning capability, which uses the Windows Management Instrumentation to discover and query Windows computers on configured subnets.

Asset Tracker for Jira also has an improved, Jira-like look and feel. The dedicated dashboard gadget within the add-on displays all assets associated with a given user, allowing not only for easy viewing of all asset-related Jira issues, but also their quick creation.

As for the Asset Tracker "users", they can now be imported directly from "users" in Jira and augmented with asset-related entries.

Other enhancements and tweaks include improvements in terms of ergonomics and UX, as well as revised label and QR code printing.

Browse the Asset Tracker for Jira documentation for the complete list of available features.

Asset Tracker for Jira: a free, powerful, lightweight solution

Give it a try, test the new features, tell us what you think. We're looking to learn and hear about your needs and asset tracking pains.