JDD 2017

We kickstarted October by taking part in The JDD 2017 Conference in Krakow. JDD is one of the most popular Java conferences out there.

JDD held on 3-4 October 2017 had four parallel tracks attended by hundreds of Java enthusiasts who came to listen to, and interact with, over 20 speakers. Our very own Grzegorz Lewandowski was one the more engaging speakers!

Grzegorz Lewandowski’s presentation was titled ‘Effective Code Review’. In his maiden presentation, Grzegorz spoke to developers on how to perform effective code reviews, documentation, and knowledge sharing best practices, and also offered some useful guidelines to manage the process effectively. He was asked a lot of questions during the Q&A session, which he handled very well! According to those who attended, it was one of the presentations with the most engagement from the audience.

While, we can’t say that we managed to attend all the lectures across the four tracks, we did manage to attend quite a few. Some of the presentations we found interesting and useful included “Refactoring Your Code To Java 9 Modules” by Rabea Gransberger, “A Hitchiker's Guide To The Functional Exception Handling In Java” by Grzegorz Piwowarek, “Effective Code Reviews” by Grzegorz Lewandowski (of course!), “Keep It Clean: Mid-sized Building Blocks And Hexagonal Architecture In Real Life” by Jakub Nabrdalik, and “Napraw Swój Zespół (Fix Your Team)” by Anita Przybył.

We also had a booth there with a few of our team members from the Development and Talent team. Our booth was popular, and it wasn’t only because of the swag and the chocolates! Ania Walicka and Patrycja Kiljanska from the Talent team were ready to welcome the visitors, speak to them about the vacancies, and answer their questions, while Grzegorz Lewandowski and Zbyszko Papierski spoke to them about their work, the products they work on, and life at Spartez.

Interacting with the attendees was made even more fun by a few fun games planned by the organisers. The attendees had to visit each stall, talk to the exhibitors and collect a token. The attendees with the most tokens won a prize at the end of the conference.

All the partners, sponsors and attendees were presented with two great networking opportunities. The first was the integration party held on 3 October at Stara Zajezdnia where the attendees had a chance to mingle and network over some drinks and good food. The second opportunity was at the partners and speakers dinner, where exhibitors, partners and sponsors had the chance to get to know the speakers better.

Another thing we loved at the conference was the organising team. They were, well…. Very well organised! All the participants/vendors received constant updates, our booths and talks were well promoted and the ground crew

What we loved about the conference aside from the speakers and the attendees was how well it was organised! Attended by over 700 people, the conference ran like clockwork. The layout was well thought out, a well stocked buffet line with many vegetarian options and most importantly, everything began on time.

It was great to be part of one of the best Java events out there, and meet so many talented and inspired people. It also gave us a great opportunity to showcase our teams and our products to some of the top people in the field.