Agile & Automation Days 2017

At Spartez, we are always trying to support major industry conferences and Agile & Automation Days 2017 was no different! Not only we had a booth there and volunteered our photography and videography services, we also had a speaker AND were part of the organising committee! Now, how's that for involved?

Held on 9-10 October 2017 in Krakow, AA Days Poland was attended by Agile consultants & practitioners and Quality Assistance Engineers who came to listen to and interact with some of the best Agile coaches and QA engineers from across the world!

Bartosz Szulc and Michał Kujałowicz from Spartez were amongst the keynote speakers. They delved into the importance of the Quality Engineers and how a strong working relationship between the QE and the Developer would lead to better designed products delivered in record time.

We also had a speaker there! Sebastian Miałkowski's presentation titled "How to identify issues before customers do" was a success! The audience was attentive and engaged, and had a lot of questions. We are happy to report that Sebastian handled it very well!

We also had our friends from Atlassian presenting on the day. Mark Hrynczak, Cloud Quality Engineering Manager’s presentation was titled “Do Less Testing” and David Piper, Front-end Developer presented on “A Modern Javascript Frontend CI Pipeline”.

Marek Piwnicki was in charge of photography and videography at the event, and this took him and the team backstage to meet the VIPs (much to our envy!). They even had a chance to interview Jeff ‘Cheesy’ Morgan, one of the best known Continuous Delivery coaches and Agile authors in the world.

We also had a booth and a lemonade bar at the conference. Representing Spartez were Anna Brzezińska and Patrycja Kiljańska from the Talent team and Przemek Czuj and Sebastian Miałkowski from the Jira Team. Our booth was extremely popular and a majority of the attendees and speakers dropped in to meet the team, speak to them about Spartez, look at the current openings, and of course to hydrate themselves!

Overall, the conference was very well organised with well thought out topics, a great selection of speakers, and a well organised exhibition area.

All in all, AA Days Poland was a great platform for Spartez to showcase our work, our talented teams and our commitment to the industry.