Reasons To Consider A Hosted Cloud Solution For Your Atlassian Apps

Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision, supply a range of services from Support, Training, Consultancy and Project Management, to Contractors and Hosting for the Atlassian Stack and related Marketplace add-ons, including those created by Spartez Software.

Hosting for Atlassian apps and Marketplace add-ons

ClearHost is an Atlassian specific Private Cloud solution, offering the benefits of Atlassian Server and Data Center products — without the infrastructure and security headaches associated with self-hosting.

What this means is that you can use Jira in a Cloud-style environment, with continued access to Marketplace add-ons unavailable via Atlassian Cloud, i.e., Chat for Jira Service Desk, with full data residency and admin controls.

Clearvision can install, configure and support both Atlassian and third party Marketplace add-ons, and if you’re already deploying Jira via your own infrastructure, they can help by managing these applications.

Ultimately, they strive to improve the Atlassian experience by making it easier to build multi-component solutions, Jira, plug-ins, etc., while removing integration complexities.

The benefits

Cloud hosting is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses of all sizes for a number of reasons. One of the main being, users get full control over their applications, which are hosted in a single-tenanted environment exclusive to them. This differs from a multi-tenanted Cloud setting such as Atlassian’s, where data is stored in the same place as that of other businesses.

While a multi-tenanted option works well and is preferred by many, a lot of users opt for the control that comes with a single-tenanted environment. For example, in a multi-tenanted Cloud, if the provider decides to change the interface for whatever reason by making adjustments to the layout, or removing/adding certain features, this can disrupt users, which is understandable given they don’t actually have a say in the matter. In some cases, entire teams have had to be retrained in order to adjust to updates made by a provider.

With ClearHost, users can relax knowing their data is physically stored in a secure environment powered by AWS, the most trusted global infrastructure in the world. Their applications are then managed by experts at Clearvision and controlled by you, the user.

Support for Atlassian apps and Marketplace add-ons

Standard Support covers the Atlassian Stack and add-ons; with so many different plugins available, there’s even the option of an investigation and triage layer.

Purchase however many hours of Support you need, and if you run out, simply top up.

For more information on obtaining Support, ClearHost, or any of the other solutions offered by Clearvision for the Atlassian Stack and related Marketplace add-ons, click here.

This blog post was written by Naz Karimi, Content Marketing Executive at Clearvision. Mehrnaz (Naz) is an experienced writer responsible for creating content, such as news features, technical white papers, scripts for video, podcasts and more.