Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Agile Poker (over other tools) For Your Backlog Estimations

I hope all of you are doing well, and you are healthy in these uncertain times. Scrum Masters, Project and Program managers, Agile trainers & Coaches, Agile enablers, and everyone else related to Agile - stay strong, we would overcome any complications which we currently face on our path.

I was even comparing Agile folks to Preppers because this is in essence what Agile is: “The ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment.”

Though I am not going to bother you with philosophical discussions, because your time costs money, and time is the only resource you could not replenish. So what is my goal here? I would be very open - I want to advertise our product - Agile Poker for Jira-planning&estimation.

You may be asking; ‘Why would he do that? He’s openly advertising his product and where are all of those Marketing dirty tricks?’ Nope, not in this case. I truly believe that Agile Poker is the best on a market, and today I want to share why.

Agile Poker for Jira is a flexible toolkit for estimating your product backlog to get it ready for grooming and planning. Inspired by the most popular estimation methods (Planning Poker®, Wideband Delphi, and Magic Estimation) it derives the best scrum planning practices from each of them.

So, here are the main reasons why we believe Agile Poker should be your choice for estimating your backlog.


Or rather FLEXIBILITY! Agile Poker is one of a few tools on the Atlassian Marketplace, which offers various methods for estimating under one hood. You can find a suitable approach for every type of team: whether the team is co-located or distributed. Well experienced or just starting with Scrum. Moreover, we are ready to advise the most suitable approach for you - our legendary Support Team is always there for you.

estimation modes in agile poker for jira Screenshot: Agile Poker for Jira Estimation Method Selection Page

We started with just Planning Poker®, but over time, getting more and more requests from our existing and new customers, we started expanding our offer. And we still have a lot of cooking happening in our Agile Poker kitchen even now!

🤓 Hey, let’s play a game. The first 5 people who would guess what would be the next estimation method added to Agile Poker, would get one of our legendary Spartez Software T-shirts! They are always limited to the crew and events we are visiting, so in the whole world, you will find not more than 200 of those. Just drop us a line at

spartez software t-shirts

We are not free

Yes, you heard this right - this is one of the reasons why you should consider choosing us. Let’s explain why:

  • Paid apps have budget and resources for further development and maintenance. If you look at the release history, you will notice some regularity.
  • Free products are not evolving as dynamically. The main reason is the one above. No releases - no new features - no bug fixes - no support. As simple as that. Here is one of the simplest example:

A free competitor and Agile Poker. Pay attention not just to the number of the releases, but the last release date, a number of installs, and that both apps are supported. Now question I am having for you - do you want to have this free app which is “supported” like that?

agile poker versions

The screenshot were taken from the Atlassian Marketplace

But let’s not be vague. Here is another example of evolution:

This is how our sessions selector page on Cloud looked last year- on the left. And how it looks now, after applying user feedback to the Agile Poker- on the right.

agile poker for jira pic 2

And last, but not least: we have a dedicated team for the Poker of around 10 people, including seasoned Software Engineers, Product Managers, UX specialists, Product Marketing crew, and the legendary Customer Support Team.

We are the biggest, and we are trusted by our customers

Actually, I want to elaborate on “the big” a bit. We are not just the biggest, we are also the oldest amongst the competition. The very first 3 installs came to us back in 2013, from 3 different companies: MobileAware, Basware, and CGI Federal. We still remember them, and keeping them close to our hearts, and, funny to know - one of them is still our customer today.

Why “the biggest”? This is pretty simple:

  • we have more customer instance installations than our paid competitors,
  • we have more installations than all our free competitors combined together.

We are working every day to provide the best in class service to keep our client's estimation processes running smoothly. We serve various industries, like gaming, e-commerce, Software Development, IT, Automotive, and many more. We have market-sharks, and we have startups among our customers. Here are just some examples of our clientele.

agile poker clients

Top-Quality Customer Support

Our amazing international team (our team members are from Hong-Kong, Brazil & Poland) takes care of our customers whether our users want to schedule a demo, have a product or usability question, or if they simply want to report a bug.

One picture worth a thousand words, right? Some recent ones:

agile poker reviews

Quick Compare

Last but not least. We baked this analysis to serve you, fresh and crisp. For the sake of privacy, we removed the competitor's names. Here you can see how we compare to other players in the Atlassian Marketplace. We hope it will help you make the decision when the time is right.

agile poker comparison to other jira apps table

Wrapping Up

No more advertising left . If you would decide to proceed with another tool - it is fine! We just want you to achieve what you want, and be successful. In planning, in estimation, in Scrum, and day-to-day life

p.s. If you in the end indeed picked different tools, care to drop a few lines to and share why? That would be super cool, and would help us improve!

Ready to try Agile Poker for Jira for 30 days for free? Visit Atlassian Marketplace and start estimating your Jira backlog today.