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How to Import Data and Save Your Time (CSV vs. TFS4JIRA)?

Are you in the middle of migrating data from Azure DevOps to Jira? It can be either a mundane and vulnerable manual process, or a tool-backed real-time synchronization between those two software project management services. Which one is it going to be? In this article, we will highlight a difference between importing data from a CSV file and merging Azure DevOps with Jira thanks to a handy plugin – TFS4JIRA.

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How to Perform Planning and Estimation in Distributed Teams

For quite a while I observe how borders or distance become smaller and smaller obstacles to get your dream job. More and more people are working remotely, teams become more and more distributed, and more technology companies adopt distributed teams approach in their business processes.

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Time to Focus on Tech Products – Why did Spartez Software Spin Off

It’s official – Spartez Software has grown enough to leave the nest and to conquer the stratosphere on its own. What’s hiding behind this significant change? Why Spartez and Spartez Software have become two independent software players? Let’s take a closer look at six reasons that established Spartez Software as a solo act!
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