Technical Product Lead

Contact Person

Paulina Kęska
Paulina Kęska

Mid positions

16 000 - 25 000 PLN
gross per month

115 - 175 PLN
net per hour for B2B

Senior positions

25 000 - 34 000 PLN
gross per month

170 - 235 PLN
net per hour for B2B

What will you be responsible for?

  • Lead a team of experienced professionals in delivering the greatest customer value;
  • Define TFS4JIRA long and short term roadmap in close collaboration with product management;
  • Own architecture vision and incorporate it into the roadmap;
  • Distill team ownership and responsibility through obsession with metrics;
  • Day-to-day, hands on team leading to ensure the greatest quality of deliverables;
  • Minimize time to market for every product increment;
  • People management including performance / salary reviews.

Work is a significant part of our life and all of us want it to be a great time. It definitely starts from people whom you work with. Let us introduce you to our team.

Roman Lutsiv

I am passionate about everything I do and love working with passionate people.

Has 15 years of experience in software development - went all the way from Junior Java Developer to Head of Engineering.

Though many find him demanding - believe it or not, he starts from himself: his credo is to set a bar high and get there by helping others who will help him ;)

He is a Sunday’s fan of Formula 1 racing competitions. Started playing guitar ~1.5 year and so far his family did not complain.

Anastasiia Vasylevska

The happiness of the customer is what I am responsible for. And I love working on the product because I thrive on challenges.

Came from Ukraine in 2016 and she already speaks Polish fluently. She enjoys a very active lifestyle: she is dancing, cycling and learning Spanish in her free time.

She is a true soul of the team in which she is responsible for product development, tests, keeping customer experience and needs in mind.

She enjoys working with her colleagues because the collaboration is super-easy: they always ask for help and everyone is happy to provide their insights. No matter the experience, everyone can state what they think.

Szymon Walkowski

Motivated to work around skillful professionals who create his team. Values the product which solves real problems.

A fan of RPG games, currently playing The Lord of the Rings as well as Dungeon and Dragons. He has a trip to Japan planned for 2020 as well as he is working on his Spanish skills together with Anastasiia.

In short: he is creating software. Joined Spartez at the beginning of 2019 with 6 years of professional Java background, but has already gained knowledge about C#. He values honest feedback from his teammates, especially when it comes to code quality.

After work, he is also creating his own tech-related blog and is a wannabe game developer.

Krystian Wróblewski

Krystian is a very private and quiet person. Let him stay this way and do his awesome job.

Łukasz Łepecki

“Our product brings real value to the customers.”

A dad of 2 wonderful children.

Passionate about traveling, as he has been biking through Central Asia as well as Crimea.

Łukasz is a person who has the most knowledge and experience in the team regarding software development. He is a helpful teammate, always ready to review your code, advise and suggest new ideas.

When asked if he likes his team he said ‘Yes’ very strongly and almost immediately.

Why? He enjoys working with people who are open to new things and are willing to learn constantly

Marcin Woroch

He has just moved to Gdańsk with his fiancee. In his leisure time, he is fond of small DIY projects. Quite recently he has built a useful tool for his relatives to help him in his beekeeping hobby.

He is here to better understand our products’ users and to translate their pain points and needs to solutions through design. He wants to deliver more value to the users through improved user experience. Marcin is really grateful to the team for welcoming him and for answering lots of his questions.

If after reading this, you want to be a part of this team, here is what we expect from you:

  • Minimum 6 years of experience in software development with a few years as a leader/manager;
  • Experience in leading a development team (complete lifecycle) using Agile principles and practices;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of C#;
  • Fluent spoken and written English;
  • Goals and metrics driven approach to software product development;
  • Strong product management mindset - ability to make business decisions in circumstances of uncertainty or conflicting requirements;
  • Experience in people management: the ability to mentor, motivate and support the growth of engineers;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Creative and innovative problem-solving skills.

Why Spartez Software?

You will be working on the world-renowned products such as TFS4JIRA that is used by companies like NASA, Samsung, Red Bull, Toyota and thousands of others across the globe.

We are a small, startup-ish team of almost 30 people and we all know each other's names. Our organizational structure is flat with a space to grow for everyone. We are organized into small, Agile and diverse teams, and travel often to locations worldwide to extend our knowledge. 

We have unified and public salary bands.

Still hesitating? Let us give you a few (well, probably a bit more) reasons to join Spartez Software.

Your growth is important to us. You get 7500 PLN and 4 days leave annually for education. We offer you 20% of time for running pet projects.

Our products are mostly written in C#. We strongly believe in simplicity and automation, applying them daily.

We work on MacBooks, use 24 inch 4K monitors and sit on Aeron chairs. 

Our office is based in a comfortable location with lots of services nearby. You can easily find convenience stores, barbershops, shopping malls, as well as it’s easily reachable through public transportation. And you can even go for a walk to the forest to experience some nature.

Our kitchen is always full of fresh snacks and beverages - your health, mood and time is very important for us!

We have flexible working hours so that we can follow our hobbies and spend time with your friends and relatives. We also support team integration events, such as team lunches.

There’s no dress code. Or rather there is, a very special one. We can describe it simply as ‘Be yourself’.

In spirit of one of our values OCNB (Open Company, No Bullshit) we encourage transparency at all levels: we have casual meetings with leadership every Wednesday to discuss wins, challenges, and plans as well as to answer questions.

We value YOU. We offer you private medical healthcare, life insurance and Multisport card.

When you join Spartez Software you will get some great perks.

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