Whiteboards for Jira

Smart & Productive Real-time Collaboration

Whiteboards for Jira is a collaborative workspace for running remote creative brainstorming sessions, planning, retros, and more.

What's in it?

Work with Jira issues directly on Whiteboards

Full integration with Jira projects gives you the freedom to carry out your team’s favorite activities like brainstorming, planning, retrospectives, or prioritization, and quickly reflect any outcomes on your Jira.

Seamless real-time collaboration

Whiteboards for Jira allow teams to collaborate in real-time pretty much without any limits and thanks to intuitive setup and friendly UI you can spend more time with your team on truly effective and creative work.

Convert stickers into Jira issues with one click

Easily convert the outcomes of your online collaboration sessions into issues in your Jira with just one click. Enjoy rich integration with Jira out of the box, without troublesome OAuth setup or manual Webhooks.


for Confluence Try also Whiteboards for Confluence and enrich your pages with mockups and diagrams from your brainstorming sessions.
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Get Whiteboards for Jira and start collaborating instantly

11 - 100 users
per user/month
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Fantastic tool

This fantastic tool was what our teams have always been looking for - being able to work natively within JIRA to whiteboard our JIRA issues quickly, powerfully, simply has made a huge difference in how we look at our sprints...
John W.
Atlassian Top Rated App

Great app!

In new "remote work" reality it really helps to share your ideas and plans with your team.
Kirill M.

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