Our Story

The story of Spartez Software starts back in the 2007 where a bunch of friends decided they wanted to create a company where the customer was the core of their business. A company where individuals can go creative, learn everyday and could showcase their skills. Finally, they wanted to build a company where technology has an impact on how business worked. This is the beginning of Spartez Software history.

What we do

At Spartez Software we turn ideas into tools that support teams to perform their work. And because customers are always at the heartbeat of what we do, we offer great support to our customers and evaluators.

Our Values

Our core values define who we are and how we work. Follow us on our social media channels and get insights of our everyday work and fun.

Don’t fuck the customer

Be honest with customers. Respond in a timely manner and always keep them in the loop. They are people just like you so do care about them.

Be the change you seek

Don't complain. If you don't like something - take initiative and change it. You can propose a better solution and help us improve whatever could work better. You don’t need to ask for permission but use your common sense and implement the change.

Great place to work

At Spartez Software each of us create company’s culture and a great place to work. Place where you enjoy coming in everyday to learn from smart and motivated colleagues. We avoid corporate bullshit and political games. Instead, we focus on delivering great products to delight our customers.

Open company, no bullshit

We are data driven people and all this data- our pay bands, current sales figures, strategies, challenges, everything is available to everyone within the company. Decisions we make here are based on concrete facts, reports and statistics.  


Always keep it simple. Avoid complexity and run for as few rules as possible.

Our History

The original founders met while working on the same team in a large international corporation.

They then started brainstorming about co-founding a great company.

Spartez was born!. The original founders were:

Janusz Gorycki
Janusz Gorycki
Marek Went
Marek Went
Sławomir Ginter
Sławomir Ginter
Wojciech Seliga
Wojciech Seliga
Jacek Jaroczyński
Jacek Jaroczyński
Łukasz  Gumiński
Łukasz Gumiński
Piotr Maruszak
Piotr Maruszak
Paweł Niewiadomski
Paweł Niewiadomski

After over a decade, many of the founders are still involved in the day-to-day operations.

Spartez partners with Atlassian! We were already profitable within a year of starting operations.

Our first commercial product - Agile Cards for Jira - is launched. We become one of the leading vendors in Atlassian ecosystem.

Spartez outgrows its “garage” office. We were 20 Spartans strong and growing rapidly.

This was a landmark year. We now had over 1000 customers and the first million dollars in revenue from our own products!

Our successful partnership with Atlassian continued and we added more successful products to our product portfolio.

We now had 70 Spartans on board.

Spartez works with Atlassian to create guidelines for its Jira Cloud apps on the Atlassian marketplace.

We are one of the first vendors of Jira Cloud apps in the marketplace with Agile Cards .

We launched TFS4Jira app for Jira Cloud. Along with Agile Cards , it is one of the bestselling apps on the marketplace.

We launched Agile Poker for Jira Cloud.

Spartez enters Microsoft VSTS Marketplace as one of the first two vendors.

Spartez turns 10! We were 130 Spartans from 13 countries speaking 12 languages!

We are now an Atlassian Gold Solutions Partner and Gold Top Vendor!

We proudly became Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor.

Spartez Software spins off from Spartez as a separate company with main focus on development and support for apps for Jira.

We launched two new apps that support remote team work and online collaboration! Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence joined Spartez Software App family.