Perks and benefits

It's the little perks and benefits that make a big difference in our everyday work life. Here is what we’ve got covered:

Training budget

You get 7500 PLN each year to invest in yourself because we truly believe in development. You can spend it on whatever you want: trainings, books, language classes, post-graduate studies, or conferences (including travel expenses).

Life insurance and medical healthcare

Yours and your family’s health is very important to us. That’s why we provide you with several options for private medical healthcare and life insurance. All covered by Spartez Software.

Professional equipment

We offer a great working environment. Aeron® chairs, powerful workstations or laptops with SSD and two 24' monitors, and, last but not least, IntelliJ IDEA®. And you choose the keyboard and a mouse.

Food and energy

Snacks, drinks, fruits and vegetables, and probably the best coffee in town - all available in our kitchen. Once a week we make a shopping list of our own delights.

Office location

Our office is located in very modern area, in the heart of Wrzeszcz, Garnizon area. It’s an area with modern office spaces, restaurants with lunch deals to choose from and many other amenities. All next to main communication hubs and the University. Bike and public transport friendly.

Multisport card

We help you stay in shape and keep healthy and relaxed by covering 50% of the Multisport. All you need to do is to choose the activities and start completing your New Year’s resolutions.


If you received help during the project or you simply enjoy working with your teammates you can show your appreciation by giving them kudos. As a result they will receive an online store voucher worth 100 PLN.

20% of Your Time

You will have 20% of the time to experiment with the new stuff that may seed new solutions and products.

Social budget

We have a budget of 500 PLN per person per quarter which is spent on various social events and is governed by respective team leads. We want our teams to hang out together and build an even better personal connections.

Flexible working hours

From 10:00 am to 3:30 pm - this is when you’re expected to be in the office. You control your working time. Once a week you can also work from home.

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