Live chat for Jira Service Desk

Chat with your customers and handle their requests in real-time. Seamlessly integrate live chat with issues and support requests

The best way to integrate chat

Works perfectly within the portal, on mobile screens and on external web sites. The (auto refreshing) agent issue view allows agents to interact with the customers from within JIRA naturally. Every chat conversation becomes a request instantly - keeps customers and agents in context

Thomas K.
This app is really great!

Before we used other solution but wasn't comfortable when we start to use JIRA Software. Now we have all request from a client in one place.

Damian C.

Chat with your customers directly from Jira Service Desk ticket

Using a chat widget on your customer portal or a web site, you can chat with your customers in real-time and seamlessly turn these conversations into Service Desk requests and comments

Update issues with chat messages on-the-fly

Customer's messages are saved as comments in the Service Desk requests. Customer sees your public comments as messages in the chat, providing a seamless integration between conversations and issues.

Monitor request queues and team's availability

Live updates of Service Desk request queues with issues created from chat messages. Supporters can determine when they are visible as online. Your customers know when you are available for chatting.

Available from as low as 10$/month

10 users
perpetual license
100 users
perpetual license
50 users
500 users
1-3 agents
perpetual license
4-5 agents
perpetual license

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